Easy Packs

With so many varieties, what should you try first?

Our Easy Packs are the perfect choice for someone who can’t make up their mind on what to order today.

  • Craving the sweetness of mango?  Try the Mango Lovers pack.
  • First time trying green juice?  Go Green pack has 4 of our very best greens.
  • Sometimes you just need that lip smacking tart taste.  Tangy Citrus or Passion Pack is made for you.
  • Working out or always on the go?  The Ultimate Hydrator or Energy Booster replenishes deliciously.
  • Select the Pack that tickles your taste buds.  Then add the quantity of each flavour and you’ll be all set to go!


Care Instructions:

Pure Nectar juices contain no additives or preservatives and are sensitive to heat and sunlight. Be sure to refrigerate immediately, ideally at 2-4 degrees Celsius.  Consume within 1-3 days for freshness, taste and maximum nutritional benefits. Shake well and enjoy!