How long do will the juice stay fresh after delivery?

Our juices should be stored in your refrigerator and consumed within 2-3 days of delivery. This ensures that maximum freshness and nutritional value.

What is the difference between Pure Nectar and the other shops that produce juices on the spot?

Most juice bars use conventional centrifugal juicing methods that add heat to the process and can destroy many key enzymes and vitamins from the produce. Pure Nectar uses cold-press (no heat added!) and rapid blend technology (very minimal heat) to ensure the extraction of all nutrients – including vital enzymes and minerals.

What do you mean by “Nourishment for a happier you”?

Pure Nectar juices are comprised of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and cane sugar with no additives or preservatives to create just the right blend of delicious juices that you can savor. A higher concentration of nutrients is easily absorbed into your system and provides an instant health-hit to the bloodstream! Now doesn’t that make you happier?

How does Delivery work?

Place an online order before 4 pm and we will deliver it to your home or office the next day!

What if I am not home when you deliver?

When placing your order, you have the opportunity to select the time of delivery. Our delivery team runs on a schedule that is planned according to the deliveries for the day. If you are not available at the time you selected, kindly call us at our office and we will try and schedule another delivery at a later time. A second delivery charge may apply.

Can I get nutritional information for my favorite juice?

Yes! The nutritional information is shown for each product on the product page.

Can I order without being a member?

Yes! You are welcome to order through the website without membership.However, by becoming a Pure Nectar Member, you receive 10% off all products plus free delivery. Also, we have members only promotions throughout the year.

Can I get Juicy Deals pricing as a member?

Yes! You can take advantage of Juicy Deals pricing on products as available, however, it cannot be combined with the 10% additional member discount.

What payment methods do you accept?

We make it easy for you to pay. We accept MC, Visa, PayPal as well as cash on delivery.