About Us

We are a global juice company, born in the Philippines and brought to Singapore by Amazing Beverages Pte. Ltd.

We are very particular not only about the nutritional value of the produce, but how
mixing the different fruits and veggies leads to maximum positive impact. The Pure
Nectar Research & Development team works tirelessly to develop just the right
combinations, in the right amounts to give the maximum power to each juice bottle.

Our focus: Nourishing juices that taste delicious and serve a wide range of customers striving to live a healthy lifestyle.

All our produce is sourced from local farmers and wholesalers. Our juices are 100% fresh, made everyday right here in Singapore.

We pour our love and attention into every bottle and take our responsibility to provide you with hygienic, great tasting, nourishing juices very seriously.  We comply with HACCP international standards of health safety and hygiene.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product,

simply return it and we’ll happily replace or refund.

Our Singapore team
Sebestian Tan Yew Seng
General Manager
Amir Hamzah
Sales Manager

Pang Kai Qi
Production Manager

Shan Ng
Customer Relationship Manager

Amazing Beverages Pte. Ltd is an independent Area Developer for the Pure Nectar Juice Franchise granted by Global Franchise Masters Private Limited.